"Be the Best version of Yourself!"

We are all extraordinary in our own way. We cannot all be film stars or star athletes. Most of us are just normal, just average. The trick is to be the best version of yourself.
This is what we will help you do at HowdenKonsult. You can expect to learn how you can be your best at leadership, sales and public speaking. Let us help you to be the best you can be. 
Eddie Howden


Sales Enablement

Offering insights from experts like David Sandler, Geffrey Gitomer and Mahan Khalsa, Eddie weaves an exciting and practical session together that will get your sales team going with confidence.

HowdenKonsult also organizes and manages promotions based on client requirements.

Nuanced Leadership

Approach from a moral perspective Eddie gently, yet directly looks at:

  • Intangible aspects of leadership
  • Leadership in the modern era
  • Be the leader you would like

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Speech Craft

Eddie speaks on various topics he believes is crucial to us living full lives:

  • Authentic Masculinity
  • Sales starts with You
  • Why is man so self-distructive
  • Intimacy with God

HowdenKonsult also provides MC Services to your promotions and events.

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