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Together with so many ideas in my head throughout my adult life, was the one to stand up and speak. Following closely behind this was the yen to help people, especially men, to find their voice and place in life. This desire probably emanates from my chequered and, to be honest, not very successful career and life path so far.

But I cannot shake this compulsion to do just that, guide and teach. And this is where we are at, you and I looking at the web page and musing as to what this guy can teach me. Well, that is a journey that the two of us are going to take together if you would like to.

Eddie Howden


Sales Enablement

Offering insights from experts like David Sandler, Geffrey Gitomer and Mahan Khalsa of FranklinCovey, Eddie weaves an exciting and practical session together that will get your sales team going with confidence.


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Nuanced Leadership

Approach from a moral perspective Eddie gently, yet directly looks at:

  • Intangible aspects of leadership
  • Leadership in the modern era
  • Be the leader you would like

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Speech Craft

Eddie speaks on various topics he believes is crucial to us living full lives:

  • Authentic Masculinity
  • Sales starts with You
  • Why is man so self-distructive
  • Intimacy with God

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